Resurrection (The Rose of Lancaster County #8)

PDF-file by Murray Pura

Resurrection (The Rose of Lancaster County #8) PDF ebook download March and April are seasons of new life in Pennsylvania and Rose Lantz desperately needs that new life to heal the wounds in her soul. But along with the green leaves and bright flowers spring also brings an unwelcome guest to Lancaster County - Archibald Kendall, a witch finder from England tasked with finding out who is continuing to plague the townsfolk and farmers with witchcraft. As more and more fingers point at her, Rose turns to her best friends for support only to find that support is no longer there. She realizes she can only count on her family and Jakob Ammann and her faith in God to face the persecution her people knew only too well in Europe. In the end she needs a miracle - nothing less will save her.

eBook Resurrection (The Rose of Lancaster County #8)

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