This New Disease (Living with the Dead, #5)

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This New Disease (Living with the Dead, #5) PDF ebook download I love this zombie series, it's really good, and i can't wait to see what happens next. Following the characters through a blog written by Josh Guess is an amazing adventure because it's not just about a group of people that lived and the zombie roaming freely killing all in its path, it's much more than that.

Its about many groups of people living and growing. its about learning from past mistakes and changing to be better. its knowing that the people your rotting for in the story are making tough decisions and are being emotionally effected by those decisions.

i think it's amazing how such a book can tie into human lives right now, and that you could go away with learning something in return of reading the series because lets face it zombies aren't the only things standing in the way as the characters are dealing with much worse; there are marauders whom are all kinds of bad news that just steal and kill people just because they can and that's not the worse of what they have done, and also the problems they have had with the Exiles too.

The books can get really dark at times but can also but a smile on your face too, and i like that the story has become so involved and complected, and virtually made no one either good or bad - I mean take Kincaid and his group for example they were marauders once but they changed and started to make up for what they did in the past - i mean seriously they could have been killed by Josh and the gang but they trusted them because they wanted to be better, and by that happening its like saying maybe there's hope for these people too and i really like that idea. I've now taken a liking to Kincaid and i do feel sorry for him, to me he's not a coward as he has mentioned in he's posts, hopefully more good things happen for him and the rest of them.

But the thing i like most about the story is not knowing what will happen next. FYI i really like the last line of this book. "Separately we will fail and flounder. Together, we will rise."

eBook This New Disease (Living with the Dead, #5)

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