Taking the Leap (Wildwood Stables, #6)

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Taking the Leap (Wildwood Stables, #6) PDF ebook download Note: I purchased a second-hand copy of the paperback edition of this book at a local used book store.

SYNOPSIS: Thirteen-year-old Taylor's adventures at Wildwood Stables, where anything is possible, continue!

One of Taylor Henry's best friends at Wildwood Stables, Daphne Chang, is a brilliant rider. So when she gets the offer of a lifetime from Ross River Ranch, Wildwood's toughest competition, it comes as no surprise — but it could also mean the end of Wildwood Stables.

My thoughts: This book was ok, and enjoyable, but definitely was not one of my favourite books of all time.

One of the things that really bugged me about this story was the lack of horse knowledge that the main character, Taylor, seems to have about riding. I understand that she's a natural in the saddle, but it would be nice to see her receiving some lessons or instruction, instead of just a bunch of girls riding whenever they want and not really learning how to do it properly. And now, Taylor is an instructor, and teaching others how to ride. While she is getting better, I still don't think she is qualified to be an instructor, and thus this part of the book really annoyed me.

I also felt that a lot of the dialogue in this book was forced, and did not flow naturally the way teenage conversation would.

I also think that parts of this book might give children the wrong ideas about riding - under no circumstances should you EVER ride, jump or otherwise participate in riding activities without a helmet. While this book was better at mentioning helmets and safety than the previous books in the series, I still think that there were parts of the book where safety was neglected. Also, they left their horses tethered to a trailer without supervision, which could be very dangerous as well.

Anyways, some of the horse scenes were very realistic, and the story had enough excitement to keep my attention. I give this book 3/5 stars overall.

eBook Taking the Leap (Wildwood Stables, #6)

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