Pitching in a Pinch

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Pitching in a Pinch PDF ebook download How "Joe" Tinker Changed Overnight from a Weakling at the Plate to the Worst Batter I Had to Face-"Fred" Clarke of Pittsburg cannot be Fooled by a Change of Pace, and "Hans" Wagner's Only "Groove" Is a Base on Balls-"Inside" Information on All the Great Batters. I have often been asked to which batters I have found it hardest to pitch. It is the general impression among baseball fans that Joseph Faversham Tinker, the short-stop of the Chicago Cubs, is the worst man that I have to face in the National League. Few realize that during his first two years in the big show Joe Tinker looked like a cripple at the plate when I was pitching. His "groove" was a slow curve over the outside corner, and I fed him slow curves over that very outside corner with great regularity. Then suddenly, overnight, he became from my point of view the most dangerous batter in the League.

eBook Pitching in a Pinch

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