Gaston Lays an Offshore Pipeline

PDF-file by James Rice

Gaston Lays an Offshore Pipeline PDF ebook download "Rice is especially good with facial expressions, whether they are on a Texas jackrabbit...or the green and long-nosed alligator named Gaston." -Library Journal After adventuring through Louisiana's placid swamplands and Texas's prairies, the irrepressible, friendly alligator named Gaston directs his attention offshore to assist some new-found friends in laying a pipeline. While lolling lazily in the cool of the bayou, Gaston has his curiosity stirred by a huge barge loaded with pipes. He follows it to the Gulf of Mexico, where he soon gets outfitted in a hardhat and steel-toed shoes and happily joins the crew in laying an offshore pipeline to obtain much-needed oil. Gaston finds that the life of an offshoreman is not easy, but he enthusiastically accepts every assignment. As a welder, a diver, and a rigger, Gaston proves that alligators, too, can contribute to solving the energy crisis.

eBook Gaston Lays an Offshore Pipeline

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