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SEAL Team Six: No More Book #6

SEAL Team Six: No More Holiday Bundle 10 Book Set!

Chinese businessmen are dying— seemingly committing suicide for no apparent reason. Flame and his team are asked to investigate and they discover a very sordid secret: the businessmen all purchased their wives from North Korean agents who stole the women them from their families.
One of those kidnapped women was the daughter of Colonel Cho, a high-ranking and very competent member of the South Korean Military. She died rather than submit to her kidnappers—and the Colonel is now on the vengeance trail. But he can’t reach the North Koreans who actually took the girls. At least, not through normal means. There is another way to get his revenge—a way that will set the entire Korean Peninsula on fire. The guilty will die—as will millions of innocents. Randall ‘Flame’ O’Donnell and his team must find Cho, fight their way through his private army, and disarm or destroy his bomb before it can be used.


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