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Biodiesel PDF ebook download When Rudolph Diesel invented his engine in the late nineteenth century, he envisioned a device that could run anywhere on a wide range of local fuels. A century later, Greg Pahl recalls that vision and shows us it is possible with Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy.
Biodiesel is:
more biodegradable than sugar and less toxic than table salt.
produced from domestic feedstocks, reducing the need for foreign oil while boosting the local economy and supporting the agricultural community.
Biodiesel can:
reduce net CO2 emissions by 78 percent compared with petroleum diesel fuel, cutting greenhouse gases that lead to global mixed with petroleum diesel at any level to produce a cleaner-burning biodiesel blended with No. 2 oil for home heating, usually without any retrofits required.
As the politics of energy grow bleak, visionary entrepreneurs in the biofuels industry may very well become society's next great hope-heroes to today's energy insecurity the way astronauts were to the Cold War's space race. In Biodiesel, Greg Pahl delves into the history of the biofuels industry. He assesses its recent successes and current shortcomings, and stands well prepared to estimate its future. If the political, environmental, or financial woes of our current fuel industry have you concerned, it's time to take another look at biodiesel!

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