Delusion and Dream and Other Essays

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Delusion and Dream and Other Essays PDF ebook download An interpretation in the light of psychoanalysis of Gradiva a novel by Wilhelm Jensen, which is here reprinted. Gradiva is the story of a young archeologist who suffered a very characteristic mental disturbance & was gradually but effectively cured by a kind of native psychotherapeutic instinct, which probably inheres in all of us, but which in this case was found in the girl he formerly loved but had forgotten & who restored at the same time his health & his old affection for her. Freud's analysis of the romance indicates that psychoanalysis has a future in literary criticism, if not that all art & artists have, from the beginning, more or less anticipated as they now illustrate it.
Delusion & Dream
The Relation of the Poet to Daydreaming
The Occurrence in Dreams of Material from Fairy Tales
A Connection Between a Symbol & a Symptom
Gradiva: A Pompeiian Fancy

eBook Delusion and Dream and Other Essays

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