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Her name is Mara Shane but her dad loves calling her Maragold because he says that she's as pretty as a flower and as precious as gold.
Before Maragold enters fourth grade she is surprised to find, in a magic wand box ordered from Ireland, a tiny leprechaun by the name of Bert. Bert has the power to make himself invisible and he does just that to everyone but Maragold.
Bert accompanies Maragold to school and as the fourth grade school year progresses, events occur that make Maragold's fourth grade experience the most fun that she has had in any grade, so far.
One of Maragold's classmates is Matt Durkey. Maragold and Matt start out as enemies, and then become friends. Maragold's friends and Matt's friends create hilarious and outrageous situations as they try to out do each other with jokes, gags, insults and humorous arguments.
Further into the school year Maragold and Bert devise a plan to help Matt Durkey understand and cope with his mother's and father's divorce. But helping Matt may put Bert at risk with possible dangerous consequences, especially if Bert's secret weakness is discovered."

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