Healing the M.D.'s Heart

PDF-file by Nicole Foster

Healing the M.D.'s Heart PDF ebook download She didn't have a cure for heartacheAnd to Dr. Lia Kerrigan that's exactly what loving Duran Forrester and his seven-year-old son entailed. They stirred up feelings that made the pretty pediatrician long for things she didn't know existed. But how could she hope for a happy ending when everything in her experience told her this couldn't last?Duran Forrester had other ideas. The doctor had become his anchor in the storm—without Lia, Duran wouldn't have known where to start when it came to saving his sick little boy. Soon, he'd found a new lease on life for his son...now it was time to find forever in Lia's arms....

eBook Healing the M.D.'s Heart

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