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Jesus 365 PDF ebook download "Jesus 365" presents a fascinating chronological walk through the ministry of Christ. Using an original translation by biblical scholar Johnston Cheney that blends the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Ed Stewart creates a year long devotional journey that transports readers to Jesus' time through the vivid lens of Scripture.

This rich view of Christ's life helps readers draw closer to His heart as they experience a daily reading from the Bible reflective questions inspiring quotes maps and sidebars cultural and historical insights

Each daily offering leads readers to encounter the words, actions, and ministry of Christ and rediscover the personal impact of His life and message.

About the translation: "The Life of Christ in Stereo" is the popular Bible translation which weaves together the gospels chronologically. Created by noted scholar Johnston Cheney with Stanley A. Ellisen, Th.D., it was originally published in 1969.

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