Revelry Manor

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Revelry Manor PDF ebook download Lovely, high-born Amalie Stuart was both outraged and entranced when handsome, arrogant Falcon Randle snatched a kiss from her. He mistakenly thought she was a serving girl. She knew he was one of the most disreputable rakes in Regency England. But neither of them suspected they would meet again, under dramatically changed circumstances, at Falcon's family manor of Revelry. Amalie's father was dead now, leaving her to earn her livelihood as a lady's companion in this place of fearful secrets. Falcon was at her side, laying siege to her heart even as she shrank from the scandalous stories about him. And passion warred with fear as Amalie was swept toward the startling truth about this house she could not escape, this man she could not help loving.

eBook Revelry Manor

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