The Pachyderms' Lament (Nova Europa Fantasy Saga #11)

PDF-file by Robert Reginald

The Pachyderms' Lament (Nova Europa Fantasy Saga #11) PDF ebook download In this second novel of the trilogy, something is happening in the outer circles of the cosmos, something that is threatening to destabilize the equilibrium holding the universe together. The answer lies on the strange world of the Pachyderms out beyond the Fifth Circle—an almost impossible distance to traverse. These curious creatures are the guardians of the Elephant's Eggs—four magical implements that will give Morpheus the Mage the tools he needs to heal the cracks in space and time. But finding the Eggs is not enough... Michael R. Collings says: "With its two companion novels, The Pachyderms' Lament constitutes a contemporary comic epic in prose, an extravagant Odyssey to the farthest reaches of the imagination—and then home again to touch the essentials of the human heart."

eBook The Pachyderms' Lament (Nova Europa Fantasy Saga #11)

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