Change of Life

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Change of Life PDF ebook download Zevan was a loyal changeling and always did his queen's bidding, although he quietly questioned why changelings should end centuries of secret but peaceful intermingling with the pony population. After being expelled from Canterlot by the irresistible force of love and badly injured after crash-landing in trees, he had to reconsider his future. Ponies knew that changelings existed now, and the only example of them was Chrysalis' attempt to overthrow Celestia and their attack on Canterlot's population. His kind would be pariahs for the foreseeable future and maybe even their disguises would not keep them safe. Lavender Dreams, a unicorn mare with a broken horn, might do the trick though.

In the guise of an average pegasus with the name of Whirring Cogs, Zevan starts to build a new life for himself with Lavender, but discovers that life outside of the hive can have many surprises, some pleasant but a few not so much. His guilty secret might be his undoing though.

This book contains sixteen full colour illustrations by Kat Miller who also did the cover art.

eBook Change of Life

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