Servant of the Seasons 2

PDF-file by Lee Benoit

Servant of the Seasons 2 PDF ebook download Edor and his new friends, former slaves Tywyll and Lys, are still making the most of the land. Every day the two norvigi bring changes, improving Edor's way of life. As is their way, Tywyll is growing stronger with the winter equinox, while Lys is growing weaker. When Lys goes into his sleep, Edor finally gives into his attraction to his two friends with Tywyll, knowing Lys would give them his blessing if he were awake. When Lys finally wakes, the three men find their home in danger, and they must band together even closer to save their newfound happiness. Can they solve the mystery that their attackers leave behind, and stay safe at the same time?

eBook Servant of the Seasons 2

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