You Can Make Anything Sad

PDF-file by Spencer Madsen

You Can Make Anything Sad PDF ebook download When I read Spencer Madsen’s poetry, I not only feel awe because he’s so good, one of the best, but I also think about how everything in the world is happening at the same time, and how the world we get to know is so heavily edited down. It’s the hugest, weirdest feeling. I wish Spencer Madsen could be everywhere at once. I really love You Can Make Anything Sad.
— Dennis Cooper, author of The Weaklings (XL) and The Marbled Swarm

Madsen’s poetry has always been, to me, staggeringly honest. His writing helps clarify our complicated and subjective world into one of simple truths. His poetry is both heartbreaking and heart mending. Madsen’s work is important. This book will be important.
—Electric Literature

Spencer Madsen is a writer who will, with equal enthusiasm, tweet a selfie of his butt and write the sincerest, saddest line of poetry you’ve ever read.
—The Fader

eBook You Can Make Anything Sad

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