Saving The World Boxed Set I

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Saving The World Boxed Set I PDF ebook download ‘Saving The World Boxed Set I:The Amazing Stories of The Greatest Superheroes Ever

Considered the most iconic superheroes of all time the three superheroes featured in this set has leapt from the comic book pages onto the television and of late, to the big screen as well.
But wherever they may go, the question that is always left on the minds of those unfamiliar with his mythos is: Who are these Superheroes? The quick answer of many would be their alter-egos: Superman is Clark Kent, Batman is Bruce Wayne and Spiderman is Peter Parker. Correct, but those answers barely scratch the surface. There is a lot more to these amazing characters than the name of the men behind the masks. And this set will show you just how much you don't know about what makes these superheroes icons that span across generations.
What’s Inside?

Included in this set are details on publication and character history, a discussion their powers and abilities, the costumes through the the character development, and their appearances in different mediums. It also includes a brief review of the top ten storylines of all times for each superhero that can help you start your own comic book collections.
Table Of Contents

Book 1: Superman Exposed-The Incredible Story of the Man of Steel

Part 1 – Up, Up and Away!
Chapter 1 – The Early Days
Chapter 2 – The Golden Age
Chapter 3 – The Silver Age
Chapter 4 – The Bronze Age
Chapter 5– The Modern Age
Chapter 6 – The Post-Modern Age
Part 2 – The Man of Steel
Chapter 7 – Who is Superman?
Chapter 8 – The Fortress of Solitude
Chapter 9 – Friends and Foes
Part 3 – 'S' Marks the Superhero
Chapter 10 – Look! Up in the Sky…
Chapter 11 –The Superman Effect

Book II: Batman, Defender Of Gotham City -The Incredible Story of the Dark Knight

Part 1 – In the beginning, there was Bob…
Chapter 1 – The Early Days
Chapter 2 – The Golden Age
Chapter 3 – The Silver Age
Chapter 4 – The Bronze Age
Chapter 5 – The Modern Age
Part 2 – The Bat We Know
Chapter 6 – Batty Bruce
Chapter 7 – Suit Up!
Chapter 8 – Those Toys! Those Wonderful Toys
Chapter 9 – It's the Car, the Chicks Love the Car
Part 3 – In the Name of the Bat
Chapter 10 – Read It and Weep
Chapter 11 – You've Gotta Be Kidding Me
Chapter 12 – Duhnanananana….Splat! Kapow!
Chapter 14– Mind Your Own Popcorn

Book III: The Amazing Spiderman -A History of Your Friendly Neighborhood Web-Slinger

Part 1 – It Began With Stan the Man
Chapter 1 – Out of the Drawing Board and into the Web
Chapter 2 – Seventies Spider
Chapter 3 – Let’s Go Black
Chapter 4 - The 90s Crawl
Chapter 5 – The Millennium Spider
Part 2 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Web-Slinger
Chapter 6 – Hey Peter!
Chapter 7 – Spider Power
Chapter 8 – With Great Power Come Awesome Costumes
Chapter 9 – And You Thought You Knew
Part 3 – The Web of Spiderman
Chapter 10 – Read It and Weep
Chapter 11 – Saturday Morning Spidey and the Expensive Spidey
Chapter 12 – Mind Your Own Popcorn

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