Living Well, Learning Life Lessons (Greater Life For All Book 1)

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Living Well, Learning Life Lessons (Greater Life For All Book 1) PDF ebook download LEARN: How to apply daily wisdoms to improve your life

Do you want to improve your life? Do you feel stuck? Have you got some big dreams but don’t dare to take action in order to make them true? Would you like to have it all, but have no clue how to do it, and even doubt that being fulfilled in all areas of your life might be achievable?

Many of the contributors to this collective book have felt the same way at least once in their life. However, life taught them – and very often in a harsh way – some invaluable lessons in order to grow and progress towards their ideal life.

These life lessons might change your destiny

You have to learn these lessons to attain your dreams. However, it’s not necessary that you learn them firsthand, nor that you go through very hard times to gain the required wisdom to go to the next step of your life.

You can read our contributors’ stories and lessons, and progress in a more clever and smooth way.

Absorb and apply the following secret lessons, and your life might improve much much more than you could imagine

In this book, you will discover in particular:
● One of the main causes of regrets in life and how to avoid falling into this trap
● Why you need to “wake up” from your daily “trance”
● Why discovering your true self and daring to express it is the key to your success in life
● How you can “have it all”: perfect health, finances, relationships and a healthy brain
● The significance of your thought patterns and their impact on your life
● The necessity of changing your thoughts in order to change your life
● How an addiction operates in the human mind
● How to take the right approach in order to quit an addiction
● What challenging circumstances can help you accomplish in your life
● The power of love and the importance of loving not only others but also yourself
● What gratitude is and its extraordinary power
● When to be grateful in your life and how it can transform you
● The art of giving and gifting
● The link between your emotional state and the pleasure you get when you give and receive
● The connection between your heart and your mind
● How to choose how you feel (because your emotions are self-generated)
● Why attention is your greatest capital asset for focusing thoughts
● How your thoughts “create” internal maps of reality that gauge how you interact with the external world
● Why changing your life might be as simple as making the choice to do so
● The necessity to understand that you deserve the change you wish
● How you can find your path if you feel there is a lot of chaos in your life
● Why learning how to breath and notice your thoughts can help you get out of chaotic life circumstances
● The concept of creativity and that everyone can improve their own creative powers
● How you can improve your creative skills and generate numerous ideas (several tools to help you in this respect)
● Where your confidence is and why it’s impossible for you not to be confident (if you really want to be)
● How to access your perfect confidence
● How you can make your own contribution for creating a better world (it won’t cost you anything and might make you become famous, acknowledged and respected by your loved ones)
● And much much more…

Would you like to know more? Then download the book.

eBook Living Well, Learning Life Lessons (Greater Life For All Book 1)

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