The Mystery of the Supernatural

PDF-file by Henri de Lubac

The Mystery of the Supernatural PDF ebook download Excellent!!!—a worthwhile read for the theology student and the lay Christian alike, filled with all sorts of precious treasure.De Lubac carefully and truly beautifully destructs the modern notion of "pure nature," arguing that this corruptive simplifying of Thomist thought results in a misunderstanding of both human nature and human destiny.Nature, says De Lubac, is grace already, waiting in anticipation, in desire for, that coming grace which remains pure grace despite our desire.In this way nature is never complete—never the can there be natural fulfilment of the human life, rather the rational being remains mysteriously unfulfilled without the supernatural.This work is not merely a great introduction to Thomist theology and debate, but introduces the reader to a long tradition of Western Christian thought.Moreover, in the beauty of its quotations, it will itself enlighten that mysterious desire of the human mind for Beatific Vision!!

eBook The Mystery of the Supernatural

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