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BABY GIRL - THE ERIK EAD TRILOGY PDF ebook download Finally, the entire Erik Ead Baby Girl series in one set. This critically acclaimed series has over 1400 Goodreads ratings, and a 4 star average.

**WARNING - Contains graphic scenes of sex which are not intended for immature audiences or readers under 18 years old**

Erik Ead grew up without a father and rides in a motorcycle club. A Psychiatrist by education, he doesn't practice after the untimely death of the only woman he's ever loved - his mother. Erik is confident, tattooed, muscled, and Dominant.

Kelli is gorgeous, 22, and just graduated college. She doesn't believe in love - until she meets Erik. Kelli immediately wants to provide him with whatever it takes to win his heart, and she doesn't quite understand why.

When these two meet, Erik quickly gets into Kelli's head. A whirlwind of emotion, passion, and sex begins that neither of these two expected or imagined.

This book hits hard. If you have ever wondered what the "lifestyle" is really like, read this novel. D/s is clearly it happens in real life. Told in first person POV from the minds of both the male and female characters, this book is the once-in-a-lifetime type of read that will make you sit back and re-think your life when you’re done.

*WARNING* - This book has descriptive sex scenes and is not intended for non-adult readers. This is NOT a conventional romance novel. This is controversial. The people depicted in this book are in pain, they are imperfect, and they are human. The people in this book are people that you can relate to. If you have depth, understanding, and a little compassion for mankind, you will not be able to put this novel down once you start.

This book pulls no punches, and is as real and raw as life itself. Discussed at length are submissive behavior(s), Dominance, and the benefit of a D/s relationship. When you’ve completed this book, you’ll know what these relationships are REALLY like. You WILL question yourself when you are done reading this book. This is not Hollywood. There are no jets, billions of dollars, or red rooms of pain. This is not 50 Shades of Grey. If you enjoyed Loving Me Trusting You, Hell's Knights, Heaven's Sinners, Withstanding Me, Viper's Run, Craving Constellations, and Tattered Love, you'll enjoy this read. If you are submissive, you'll LOVE this book. This is real life. This is YOU.

“Love requires courage, persistence, and maintenance. Love just doesn’t lie there with us as we live our lives, and engulf us, providing us with an assurance that it exists.” “Love is developed, and it is never perfect. We, as people, are flawed. Therefore, love is flawed. Most people live their lives trying to find the perfect person to provide them what they believe to be the perfect love. In my opinion, people should find someone that provides them with affection, someone that makes them feel, then develop and maintain the perfect love. That is the closest thing to real love that could ever possibly exist,” - Erik Ead

5 Star Review from Chris on Goodreads - "Ok, I have to say that this is not your typical, I'm a virgin and just met a 26 year old billionaire and he wants to tie me up and spank me story. This is so much more. The characters in this book are, well how can I say it. Believable. The fact that she wants to make him happy isn't that far off from a lot of us. I found myself in her character."

5 Star Goodreads review by Helena - "I wasn't sure what to expect when I first starting reading this book being it was written by a male author. I was waiting to see this pushy, selfish, chauvinistic pig of a character.


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