The Spirit Team

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The Spirit Team PDF ebook download In "The Spirit Team" Wager focuses on the dangers of biological warfare and international terrorism. As far as the governments of the world are concerned, the men and women of the Spirit Team are all officially "dead." In the world of espionage, this is both a blessing and curse. If you're "dead, " your enemies have to work much harder to find you — but if you get into trouble, you have to get out of it without any outside help. The Spirit Team's target: Barcelona Delta. A deadly, highly contagious microorganism, Barcelona Delta was created by America's biological weapons development program. But the bug proved to be too dangerous to handle, and the project was shut down. Now a North African dictator has smuggled Barcelona Delta and its creators out of the United States. Field tests show that scientists are well on their way to designing a stable, instantly fatal version of the microorganism. Once they succeed, the dictator will have the world under his thumb. A small amount of Barcelona Delta could destroy the population of an entire city in a matter of hours. Countries will pay any ransom to protect themselves. The Spirit Team's mission is simple: find the hidden biological-weapons lab. Penetrate its legion of armed guards and high-tech defenses. Kill the scientists. Destroy Barcelona Delta. Get out alive. Do it fast. Do it quietly. No one must ever know.

eBook The Spirit Team

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