Arelstin's Lair

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Arelstin's Lair PDF ebook download Arelstin's Lair is a short story which gives insight into what happens within the covers of Ryan (Book 2 of the neuri series). Do not read this unless you have read Ryan first.

Phoebe is abducted by Arelstin. Captured inside his cage of light, she does not understand his motivation or the clues he surrounds her with. He strips her of every worldly thing to awaken her mind, but still she remains blind. She is blinded with fear, ripped apart by it, until he forces her to accept mercy.

Choosing to give her the libation of forgetfulness, Phoebe is finally a willing student, with an open heart and an open mind. It is only in this true state of existence that love has the power to change the world.

This is a short story which is a spinoff of Ryan: it is insight into Phoebe's time with Arelstin, and it shows you how far isolation and loneliness can push a man. It shows you what we all want, and need, and yet seldom receive.

Fear blinds us to the truth. The clues were there all along, in every book in this expansive series, but only now will you get the final piece of the puzzle which will change how you read the rest of the books in this series. If you don't read this, you will only understand when the Slakax Series begins.

eBook Arelstin's Lair

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