The Northern Knights Series (The Northern Knights #1 To #3.5)

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The Northern Knights Series (The Northern Knights #1 To #3.5) PDF ebook download

Includes all titles in The Northern Knights series.

Gem Of Gravane (The Northern Knights #1)

Falling in love with her was not part of his plan...

Aric Claydon, weary and in the foulest of moods, arrives in Northumberland from Normandy to claim his Saxon bride - Lady Danielle - almost a year late. The girl is far from a ravishing beauty, nursing a small affliction and other irksome habits. Yet, compelled by a knight's oath and loyalty to his king, Aric performs his duty. The Lady Danielle is a means to an end to complete his gain and if he's lucky, bless him with an heir and nothing more. Soon enough Aric learns his new bride is not as timid as he first thought, but mysterious and with secrets of her own. Even as he gives in to the fiery passion she wields, he vows she will never hold his heart. But when danger and treachery abound he will stop at nothing to protect her...

The Lady Danielle resigns herself to the fact that she must marry the Norman warrior with hope the formidable man will be the end to her silent suffering and peace will finally come to her people. Yet all hopes of salvation are dashed when the handsome warrior arrives in the night and takes one look at her. Danielle knows a man like Aric could never love or offer her comfort, but she is determined to make the most of it and prove to him that there is room for her love in his warrior's heart.

Conquering the Dark Axe (The Northern Knights #2)

A match made in hell…

Stubborn and Defiant...

Hardened by a lost love before, battle-scarred Rourke Thorsson accepts his fate…he must take to wife the sister of his dead betrothed. But the fiery Saxon hellion has not accepted hers and fights him every inch of the way. She possessed an unbreakable spirit none the likes of which he’d ever encountered and Rourke is determined to bend her to his rule - no matter what it takes


With her sister now dead, strong- willed Lady Alexa is forced to wed in her stead to one of the most feared men in Northern England… the Dark Axe. The Norman warlord demands her total surrender and bounds her to him in more ways than one. And she vows to kill him before giving herself over to the unbridled passion he ignites within her.

Yet when haunting secrets unfold and old enemies return to exact their pound of flesh, Alexa's heart is tested and she is not sure if it’s strong enough to save them.

The Beast of Renald (The Northern Knights #3)

A widow with a treasure trove of secrets…

A brooding and reclusive Norman Warrior…

Lady Caroline, widowed with her son by her side is devastated when she is forcefully wed to the king’s man known as The Beast. She’d survived one loveless marriage, she could survive another. But it would be hard to do when the scarred man holds her heart from first sight.

The lovely widow’s kiss tore his unforgiving soul asunder...

England has been conquered and Darc Renald agrees to go on one last quest with his king to crush usurpers. The last thing he expects is to find himself wed and saddled with the chestnut- haired widow and her young son.

Includes the addition:

A Gathering of Knights (The Northern Knights #3.5)

The wives of the Knights finally meet and get to know each other and living their happy lives.

eBook The Northern Knights Series (The Northern Knights #1 To #3.5)

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