Scattered and Broken (Wingless, #3)

PDF-file by Holly Hood

Scattered and Broken (Wingless, #3) PDF ebook download When all that is right seems so wrong, how do you find a way to the answer?
Eve is still the same troubled girl. She still lets all her thoughts consume her. The view of life from her eyes is so obscured it’s hard for her to see reality some times. Once again, all life’s problems seem to be following on Eve’s heels. She knows she loves Evan and would do anything for him but with so many people in the way is that possible?
Has she gone too far and finally lost him for good? Scattered and Broken picks up where Polar left off. Eve is struggling to make sense of what happened with Carlo, and she is forced to take off with Kenny. Will she be able to find her way through all death’s problems? Or will time run out on her happy ending?

eBook Scattered and Broken (Wingless, #3)

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