Impulse (The World Between #2)

PDF-file by Matthew Bryant

Impulse (The World Between #2) PDF ebook download A new drug on the street promises to fulfill the user's deepest desires without any effort. It takes over the body and leaves the mind to sit back and enjoy the ride. A secret organization with hands in all twelve districts wants it investigated, and they have just the martyr in mind. Still shaking the dust off of the assault on the Mengko District six months prior, corporate saboteur Heath Fallows has his plate full dealing with a new boss, old skeletons, and tenacious goons chasing a mark on his head. Adding a steaming bowl of blackmail with evidence of a paid assassination and the livelihood of a former lover won't make things easier, but gives him a deeper look into the dark needs of humanity and the evils outside civilization. Impulse is a grit-your-teeth and laugh-out-loud joyride of action and espionage.

eBook Impulse (The World Between #2)

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