Swept Off Her Feet

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Swept Off Her Feet PDF ebook download If you check Under the Covers Book Blog facebook page (which you should, because we're awesome) last week then you would have seen me looking for what sounded like a strange book that I couldn't remember the title or author of; all I could remember is that the alien men had chest sucker thingys that the women put their nipples in which made their boobs come. Well, I found it! I read it! And NO I WASN'T MAKING THAT UP!

I'm going to be honest, weird alien sexual practices is what sticks out in my mind when I think about this book. Any great world or character building has been completely shoved out my mind by alien men with chest vagina's. However, maybe that isn't a bad assessment, this is a book that has more sex then plot, and very messy sex as well! Never has a woman gushed so much, I was worried that she was a little incontinent with all the fluids that seemed to be leaking out her body, luckily for her, Dev (her alien hubby) didn't mind lapping that up for her; I think he was sick of sleeping on damp sheets.

But I did like this book, I love a sci-fi romance/erotica and although this may be not the best one I have read I enjoyed chuckling along to the sex scenes and the romance between the two main characters was kind of sweet. It also reminded me of those 80s bodice ripper historical romances, it didn't quite go all the way down the forced seduction route, but it had that overwhelming male dominance thing going on, where you know if the heroine didn't fall in love with the hero quickly then actually this kidnapping and forced marriage thing is probably a little bit wrong!

I am not sure if I would recommend this book or not, it was good in a oh-my-god-that-is-weird kind of way, but there are better sci-fi erotic romance books out there, but I am not complaining it kept me amused for a few days!

eBook Swept Off Her Feet

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