Take Me Forever

PDF-file by Julie Sellers

Take Me Forever PDF ebook download Returning from prep school, young French native Mercy Mcmillan finds herself being forced to wed a man she cannot stand nor ever grow to love. On the eve of her wedding, she finds no other choice and runs away. She finds herself in the middle of the night on the docks and boards a ship that belongs to none other than notorious pirate, Cain Corbin.

Holding her captive, Cain hatches a plan to ransom her back to her family for twice the reward offered for her. His plan is simple. He will take her to his island while the ransom demands are made then he will have her dropped off at a known location and walk away a richer man.

There is a problem with his plan. He has fallen for his captive. There is no way he is ever going to let her go. During a violent storm on the way to his island Mercy suffers a blow to the head and develops amnesia. Cain fools her into thinking she is his wife and they are on their way home. During this time, Mercy falls for him and is more than happy to marry him “again” once they reach his island so his people can rejoice in their celebration.

Soon after their wedding, Mercy regains her memory and realizes she has been duped by a pirate. A pirate that she now detests but deeply loves.

eBook Take Me Forever

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