Reading for Thinking

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Reading for Thinking PDF ebook download Incorporating a wealth of practice exercises and high-interest readings, READING FOR THINKING focuses on improving reading skills at the "micro-level" and moving on to the "macro-level." Over half of the book is devoted to evaluating, drawing inferences, and identifying tone, bias, and purpose. The Seventh Edition continues to focus on developing students' comprehension and critical-thinking skills. Flemming uses a carefully designed sequence of explanations and exercises that allows students to approach critical reading as a natural extension of essential comprehension skills, rather than a discrete set of new strategies. Armed with the ability to both analyze and evaluate a writer's work, students apply those twin intellectual tools to Flemming's trademark high-interest readings to determine purpose, analyze evidence, detect bias, recognize tone, and compare opposing points of view. Vocabulary quizzes have been added to each chapter.

eBook Reading for Thinking

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