The Secrets of Wolverton Manor (Wolverton Manor, #1)

PDF-file by Carina Wilder

The Secrets of Wolverton Manor (Wolverton Manor, #1) PDF ebook download This is the first episode in the Wolverton Manor Series

In a Victorian manor house inhabited by a Duke and his family, there also reside a multitude of secrets both above and below stairs. The household staff is comprised of immortals, and the family is rather special in its own way.

The combination of the two make for a precarious balance of scandal and risk, lust, longing and forbidden passions.

*Please note: this is not your typical girl-meets-werewolf-and-vampire-but-can't-choose-between-them paranormal romance. Think Downton Abbey meets Grimm, rather. Due to explicit content, this book is recommended for adults only.

eBook The Secrets of Wolverton Manor (Wolverton Manor, #1)

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