Biblical Interpretation in the Era of the Reformation

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Biblical Interpretation in the Era of the Reformation PDF ebook download Foreword by Heiko A. Oberman

Seventeen respected colleagues and former students of David C. Steinmetz have contributed to this important collection of essays that examines the exegetical tradition leading into and through the Reformation.

Part 1 offers background perspectives on Reformation-era exegesis.Part 2 explores exegesis and interpretation in the early Reformation.Part 3 examines continuity and change in mid-sixteenth-century biblical interpretation.Following a concluding essay by the editors on the significance of precritical exegesis, the final section of the volume presents an up-to-date bibliography of Steinmetz's writings.

Irena Backus
Lyle D. Bierma
Craig S. Farmer
John L. Farthing
Karlfried Froehlich
Kenneth Hagen
Joel E. Kok
Robert Kolb
Carl M. Leth
Mickey L. Mattox
Richard A. Muller
Heiko Oberman
John B. Payne
Susan E. Schreiner
W. P. Stephens
John L. Thompson
Timothy J. Wengert

eBook Biblical Interpretation in the Era of the Reformation

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