The Power of Prophecy

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The Power of Prophecy PDF ebook download National hero, Javanese mystic, pious Muslim, and leader of the "holy war" against the Dutch between 1825 and 1830, the Yogyakarta prince, Dipanagara, is pre-eminent in the pantheon of modern Indonesian historical figures. This is the first full biography based on Dutch and Javanese sources. The Power of Prophecy sets Dipanagara's life against the context of the turbulent events of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries when European imperialsm reached Indonesi, destroying forever Java's old order and propelling the twin forces of Islam and Javanese national identity into a fatal confrontation with the Dutch. This confrontation known as the Java War, in which Dipanagara was defeated and exiled, marked the beginning of the modern colonial period in Indonesia.

The book presents a detailed analysis of Dipanagara's pre-war visions and aspirations as a Javanese Ratu Adil ("Just King") based on his autobiography, the Babad Dipanagara, and other Javanese sources, as well as Dutch and British records. The book is concerned with the rise of Western colonial rule in Indonesia, the fate of indigenous cultures in an age of imperialism, and the role of Javanese Islam in modern Indonesian history.

eBook The Power of Prophecy

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