The Boston Strangler

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The Boston Strangler PDF ebook download Put on your detective hat and uncover the facts and myths about the Bermuda Triangle. Many people have wondered whether the swath of Atlantic Ocean east of Florida is especially dangerous. Topics discussed include notable incidents in the Bermuda Triangle, including the disappearance of all the passengers aboard the Rosalie and the loss of the naval ship the Cyclops, the cargo ship Cotopaxi, the supply ships the Proteus and the Nereus, and Flight 19. Supernatural explanations, natural explanations, and other theories are also highlighted. Features include a Tools and Clues section that highlights research tools, technology, and investigative methods, a timeline, a glossary, selected bibliography, further readings, places to visit, source notes, and an index. Unsolved Mysteries is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

eBook The Boston Strangler

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