God, Christianity, & The Founding Of The United States

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God, Christianity, & The Founding Of The United States PDF ebook download This book is about the Founding Fathers. It is about what they believed the role of God and religion was in both the founding of the United States and also in the government. The book covers their ideas, quotes, and writings on the subject.
Much of the material in this book will probably be considered to be politically incorrect. But that is probably because the Founding Fathers themselves were mostly politically incorrect by today’s standards.

The book will give an insight into the history, beliefs, meanings, and intentions of the Founding Fathers on many issues of their day. It will show that these are the central issues being debated still till to this time. These issues include….

•What they didn’t teach you in school about the First Thanksgiving.
•Benjamin Franklin and prayer save the Constitutional Convention.
•Was the Hand of God and Divine Protection involved in the founding of the United States as the Founding Fathers stated?
•A forgotten Founding Father and the Great Awakening.
•The opening session of Congress begins with an argument over prayer.
•Is the phrase “separation of church and state” actually in the Constitution? And if not, what does the Constitution say about this issue?
•What did the Founding Fathers say about the importance of morality and religion?
•What did the Founding Fathers believe was the role of the Federal and State Governments in regards to religion?
•And much much more...

Learn what Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and many others had to say about concerning religion and the founding of the United States, and the issues that are still being debated in our country today.

eBook God, Christianity, & The Founding Of The United States

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