Targets of Opportunity

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Targets of Opportunity PDF ebook download The title of this book echoes a phrase used by the Washington Post to describethe American attempt to kill Saddam Hussein at the start of the war againstIraq. Its theme is the notion of targeting (skopos) as the name of an intentionalstructure in which the subject tries to confirm its invulnerability by aiming todestroy a target. At the center of the first chapter is Odysseus's killing of the suitors;the second concerns Carl Schmitt's Roman Catholicism and Political Form; thethird and fourth treat Freud's Thoughts for the Times on War and DeathandThe Man Moses and Monotheistic Religion.Weber then traces the emergenceof an alternative to targeting, first within military and strategic thinking itself(Network Centered Warfare), and then in Walter Benjamin's readings ofCapitalism as Religionand Two Poems of Friedrich Hlderlin.

eBook Targets of Opportunity

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