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Uncle Sam PDF ebook download This is a very thought provoking book. I cannot understand why that this mini-series didn't get the attention that it deserved.This isn't a superhero book at all. It is about America and how we as a nation have forgotten what we are supposed to stand for. This book is brutally honest about both Sexism,Racism, and Imperialism. In one of the pages, a Native American tells Uncle Sam that "You ought to be careful who you call savages" in reference to the broken treaties that America has made with Native American tribes which in actuality to use genocide to obtain their land.

Another example is a stereotypical wooden stick that was used to demean African Americans in the past shows Uncle Sam an African American man who is about to be lynched in the South. When asked "But we gave you your freedom, I mean eventually".The statue stated that "Oh, did you? Did you really? Free to enter through the servant's enterance at hotels? Free to get my ass beaten for having the nerve to want to vote? Well thank you suh! Thank god almighty I'm free at last!! When there were wars, we fought with you-In the name of freedom. And when the war was over, we watched you slip the chains and the nooses back on us. And when our cries got too loud, well, there was Amos and Andy and Aunt Jemima. They never sassed back at you." Uncle Sam finally asks "Why-Why are you telling me this? With a look on his face, the statue replied "Because you need to know! That's why! Because you have a tendency to FORGET these things".

And it also mentions other things that still affect America today especially with what is happening in our political climate today. I hightly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be both entertained and to be challenged. Very well written and the art by Alex Ross is amazing following the success of Kingdom Come in 1996.

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