Before the Golden Age 1

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Before the Golden Age 1 PDF ebook download The cover says that this contains 8 scifi classics, but really only two of them can reasonably lay claim to that status:Hamilton's "The Man Who Evolved," which was very fun indeed, as well as Williamson's "The Moon Era," which, though it started out rather slowly, introduced the wonderful (and quite enthralling) character of the Mother.Captain Meek's stuff was journeyman entertainment, although I remember it being a lot more gripping in olden times; and I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I read of his apprehension that his experiences would be too "contrary to preconceived notions" for us on this plane, although doubtless not as loud as would have been E R Burroughs' guffaw upon hearing the news (the only difference between Courtney and John Carter being that Courtney sports firearms instead of a sword).Consider the last sentence of "Submicroscopic":"I have my rifle and plenty of ammunition and even though the whole Mena race block my path, some way I will fight my way through them and once more hold my Princess in my arms."And speaking of laughing out loud, there was the story by P Schuyler Miller.When I got to that "tetrahedra of terror" line I was rolling.Seriously, that was a guy who must've gotten paid by the exclam.And the Simak story was rather disappointing too.At any rate, everybody certainly seemed to be packing lots of heat back then.This time around I only read the stories, not any of the Asimov intros and so forth (not particularly wanting to relive him keeping the mags wrinkle-free in the candy store...or however that went).

eBook Before the Golden Age 1

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