The Viscount's Addiction

PDF-file by Scottie Barrett

The Viscount's Addiction PDF ebook download Murderer, convict, opium-eater...Jessie Braddock's husband has come home. 

Jessie's stepfather, wanting to exploit the estate, had brutalized her into marrying his nephew by proxy. She soon realizes Ryder Braddock, the wickedly handsome Viscount Blackwood, is far from the criminal she'd imagined, but his prison years have left him with a hardened edge and a ravenous appetite for sexual pleasures. Now the only thing in danger is her heart.

5 Lips! "I love a well-written erotic historical, and The Viscount's Addiction by Scottie Barrett is exceptionally spicy and satisfying....The Viscount's Addiction is poignant, delicious, and very, very good." ~TwoLips Reviews

5 Stars! "Ryder can be a bit raw and irresponsibly selfish, but his demons make him stand out distinctively. He knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it....he is wildly or out of bed." ~Just Erotic Romance Reviews 

eBook The Viscount's Addiction

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