The Vampire and the Man-eater

PDF-file by G.A. Hauser

The Vampire and the Man-eater PDF ebook download Stock broker Brock Hart's idea of fun was playing at the local gay nightclub every weekend with someone new. He imagined the Rules of Relationships didn't apply to him, and his best friend thought his nonchalant attitude towards sex was crazy. Until one night his playboy image was put to the test. Spying Brock in a crowded club, Vampire Daniel Wolf sets his sights on the handsome 'man-eater' businessman. Sparks literally fly, between the two, and with one bite from the sexy vamp Brock is hooked. Never did Brock ever imagine falling for anyone, especially not a man from Sixteenth Century England! The only problem is, he's a vampire. Can love conquer all? It will be a challenge, but one Brock is up for, in so many ways.

eBook The Vampire and the Man-eater

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