Nobody Does It Better

PDF-file by Jan Freed

Nobody Does It Better PDF ebook download She'd forgotten about Texas men...

It took brains, independence and nerves of steel for 'The Nutcracker' to get where she is today, CEO of her own company. But nobody does it better than Hope Manning when it comes to high-stress, big-bucks 'venture capitalizing!'

Jared Austin's 'been there, done that.' Now he teaches others to find the peace he himself discovered on a wilderness survival course. And nobody does it better.

Blackmailed into 'chilling out,' Hope reluctantly joins one of Jared's West Texas wilderness expeditions. And it's war between the sexes from the start! Then a sniper appears, gunning for Hope. To survive, she and Jared have to pit their wits agains his, have to work as a team...

And nobody does it better!

eBook Nobody Does It Better

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