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Souvenirs PDF ebook download Ever work for a professional wrestler, a woman professional wrestler? Low class private eye, Bob Zapolska, never had. And is not likely to again Or find yourself so old you have to turn down freebies from a couple of cute "ladies of the evening" who live on the floor above you? (At least, Z grumped, he was now able to answer the age old comic question about "Who's on first?.,."Whores on first.

Not to mention being plagued by witches and a satanic pimp.

Murder? You bet?

Your girlfriend threatening to leave town for a better job elsewhere? Why not?

Then there's Z's mob friend, Johnny Dosso—John's B-girls leaving the fold. Could Z find out who could possibly be stealing John's hookers in spite of the kind of "encouragement" John's "organization" could muster to keep them in line? Ah...

Ever had your apartment bombed? You won't like it.

Or what about that nightmare of law enforcement, the criminal getting out of jail with blood in his eye for the man who put him there. In this case, the Z-man.

And finally, how do you survive the attack of a serial killer who's both smarter than you and a jump ahead?

Solve these problems, and maybe you should be a private eye

eBook Souvenirs

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