My Kind of Girl (Arrington Family Series Book 5)

PDF-file by Candace Shaw

My Kind of Girl (Arrington Family Series Book 5) PDF ebook download Dr. Sean Arrington loves his family, patients, and the ladies. With no interest in settling down with one woman, he dates women—who like him—just want to have fun with no commitment and no strings attached—unless they like being tied up. Literally. However, when he lands his eyes on the cute-dimpled, quirky botanist Traci Reed, something tugs at his heart and he figures rules can be broken.

Traci has been infatuated with the rivetingly handsome bad boy since his mother showed her Sean’s picture a few years ago. When he asks her to design the gardens in his backyard, Traci can’t refuse. After they share a heated first kiss, she can’t believe Sean actually has feelings for her. She’s drawn to his smooth charisma and intellect; however, she’s cautious for she knows he prefers his bachelor lifestyle. Can Sean prove to Traci she’s his kind of girl after all?

eBook My Kind of Girl (Arrington Family Series Book 5)

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