The Curse Of Motley Manor

PDF-file by Robert Martin

The Curse Of Motley Manor PDF ebook download Sceptic Parapsychologist Pembleton and his team are invited to Motley Manor a seventeenth century Jacobean Manor to investigate a series paranormal disturbances.
Despite several previous investigations no real evidence has materialised to date.But just after one night's vigil at the manor Pembleton experiences an event that is both disturbing and personal to him.

Angela Smith and her daughter who live on a council Estate in Leeds also begin to experience frightening paranormal events at their home......

At first the two events seem to be unrelated ............Until the truth slowly dawns.

An ancient malignant force involving entities that have one purpose, to punch their way into the material world to become flesh and truly feel evil once more.

eBook The Curse Of Motley Manor

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