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Missives PDF ebook download "Can you remember the last letter you received? Can you recall the feel of the paper against your fingertips, the sound of the pages turning, the slant of the cursive? The book you hold in your hands is a series of letters. They were written for you. They were written for desperate times and secret celebrations. They were written for days when the deep dark circled your head, for moments ripe for encouragement. They were written when you did not know how to feel, when you were too tired to dream, when you were in need." "Missives: Letters to a friend" is a compilation of compliments, a word of encouragement, a moment upon which to meditate. Taken from the popular postings at MrsMetaphor.com each "missive" harbors its own particular wisdom and endeavors to meet you on the long, dusty road with a glass of water.

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