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New Plays Festival PDF ebook download The seven one-act plays in this collection were first performed in the New Plays Festival at Gardner-Webb University in 2004. The Festival is an initiative of the theater program at GWU dedicated to developing new plays and encouraging early-career playwrights. Different Dialects is a dance-inspired exploration of a married couple's journey into mid-life. Equal Opportunity Employer is an eccentric tale of mayhem and madness in the life of a talent agent. Good Help employs a film noir motif to spoof the end of the world. Around the Horn is a tale of second chances played out on the baseball diamond. Seaglass is an existential comedy about two bums on life's journey to find meaning. Doctors Like Boats is a riotous comedy of wit and dialogue set in a Doctor's office. The Translation explores the human aspects of privacy invasion in a new age of terror and electronic surveillance.

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