The Two

PDF-file by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

The Two PDF ebook download Pressley Barclay is a famous author and with that fame came his writer's block. As a way to escape from the noise and distraction of the city, he finds his dream home in the country estate — and at a steal...or is it? His new home turns out to be more like a hell than a Heaven. Things get worse when he finds the mirror. The mirror was meant to stay hidden. The realtor told him a tale that the prior owner claimed her husband was "sucked" into a mirror and disappeared. Pressley's curiosity with the mirror finds him in an alternate world. Taking refuge in a spooky old house, Pressley finds "them.,." Like daylight and dark, the men are enigmatic and sad. Who were they? With no way back home, Pressley Barclay is in for the survival lesson of his life, relying solely on his wits to survive and solve a mystery spanning four centuries, a decadent mystery involving the two young men and how they died. Will Pressley free the house of the torturous limbo it has endured for so long, or will his spirit be the newest addition to a house of solemn shadows and lost souls?

eBook The Two

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