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a nonviable option PDF ebook download "KEEP CHASING THE SUN. YOU MIGHT JUST CATCH IT!" "CAPTURE (NOT MERELY THE PURSUIT) OF LIFE, LOVE, LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE IF, AND ONLY IF, WE NEVER GIVE UP!" In other words, suicide is indeed a nonviable option. Ever lose a loved one? Then you know the devastating pain that follows. This is a true story about loss, pain, and the struggle to survive, then thrive again. When pain is the only thing that rules a life, sometimes the easy solution seems simple: END IT. Go to sleep forever and the pain will assuredly disappear too. But the author knows that life is a precious gift. She contends that for those of us lucky enough to be here, we need to be strong, cope, adapt, and work hard toward brighter days. She offers hope that rainbows and sunshine will follow the dark storms. Lennon pleaded, "Give peace a chance." Galvan pleads, "Give life a chance."

eBook a nonviable option

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