Lilly's Law

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Lilly's Law PDF ebook download "Lilly Malloy sublimated everything she had into her law career even when she was a student. That is until she met reporter Mike Collier. Mike and Lilly share quite a heated love affair, but it went nowhere as both had ambitious dreams for their respective future. Judge Lilly presides over traffic court in which Mike enters expecting to talk his way out of nineteen illegal parking tickets. Instead, Lilly decides to teach Mike a lesson about paying his fines, not that their past would influence her decision. Feeling the ice she sends his way, Mike asks for a change of venue and then challenges her authority so Lilly, following the letter of the law, sends Mike to jail. Now he wants to get even with the judge who he feels abused her power with of course his desire being a lifetime sentence with Lilly as the perfect venue."

Not a bad twist on the "big jerk makes good" theme. The humor flowed easily, but still felt the characters where lacking humanity.

eBook Lilly's Law

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