Tongue Lash

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Tongue Lash PDF ebook download Weird, fascinating fantasy detective series
Set on an Earth where the Incan Empire is a World power, a pair of detectives Tongue and Lash ( Ah, those witty and wacky French!), I forget which is which, but they are a scantily clad babe, very Mrs Peel-ish and the masked, ex-high caste man sidekick.

The case they deal with is full of magic, animal headed clone servants, political intrigue and a staggering amount of nudity.
A bit chaotic as you are dropped in the middle of this world with the minimum of info to keep your head above water. It can be frustrating, but at the same time I appreciate the writer treating me like an adult and that I'll be smart enough to figure things out with hitting me over the head with information.

I mentioned the nudity, and it is eye-catching, but rarely feels put in as a stunt, but just the way the culture works.

Intriguing stuff and two good leads. I really need to track down the rest of this series.

Would also make a cool movie.

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