Keeping Secrets (Laurel and Helen New York Mystery #2)

PDF-file by Cathi Stoler

Keeping Secrets (Laurel and Helen New York Mystery #2) PDF ebook download As a senior editor at "Women Now" magazine, beautiful and talented Laurel Imperiole has a life most thirty-somethings would kill for.

When she responds to a series of frantic e-mails from a reader who’s learned that her fiancé may be using several fake identities, she sets off a chain of events that topples her once-secure world.

Teaming up with Helen McCorkendale, a veteran private detective, the women delve into the subject of hidden identity and come up with more than they bargained for.

From a run in with the mob and the world of international banking, to deceit and murder, and Laurel's rekindled affair with a sexy detective, the women find out who they can trust, and who just might kill to keep the truth from ever becoming known.

eBook Keeping Secrets (Laurel and Helen New York Mystery #2)

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