Off the rails

PDF-file by Lisa St. Aubin de Terán

Off the rails PDF ebook download As a previous reviewer mentioned, this book is very sketchy indeed. It's not fleshed out in the slightest, and though I suppose this would be difficult as it is a non-fiction, I felt like there was really no purpose in reading this story in the slightest. I bought it for a review on the back that claimed "First-class escapism", and while I enjoyed the possibilities to essentially "escape", I really began to dislike the author. She'll spend one chapter entirely devoted to her mother and father, and then devote half a sentence to declare she had a child "I gave birth to la nina Iseult", and then spend the rest of the ensuing paragraph to talk about someone else entirely. I'm a skimmer by habit, and I had reached the end of the book when Isuelt reappeared, and I had to go way way back to figure out who the heck she was.

This was, however, a well written story, and somehow succeeded in sucking me in all the way to the end. As the previous reviewer mentioned, I'm just not interested in reading about her life.

eBook Off the rails

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