The Volcano Dancer

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The Volcano Dancer PDF ebook download One morning, Nikolette Allen discovers a man sitting in her aunt’s kitchen, bleeding from a shoulder wound. A friend of her brother, Rick Morrow is a drifter on a quest to find Liam Channing, a federal investigator with deep connections within the government. Rick explains he needs Liam's help to penetrate government secrecy shrouding an incident that claimed the lives of his wife and daughter.
Reluctant at first, Nikolette offers to drive, helping Rick find Liam. Agreeing to take the case, Liam sends Rick and Nikolette on a cross-country search for information while he investigates the secretive agency behind the mystery. Meeting up with them a week later, Liam has made a shocking discovery about the night Rick’s wife and daughter perished.
With intriguing character studies and a vivid narrative, Brad Keena masterfully weaves together the intricate plot of a political crime thriller inspired by actual events. A story of hope and persistence, The Volcano Dancer is the journey of two unlikely companions discovering each other's hidden strengths in the climb from tragedy to ultimate justice.

eBook The Volcano Dancer

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