Eat Yourself Slim

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Eat Yourself Slim PDF ebook download 5 stars for his method, but 3 stars for this book. I prefer the original version of his book "Dine out and lose weight" which is no longer in print. In this book he doesn't adequately explain why you need to split carbohydrate and protein meals, but rather focuses only on GI. However the method works and I believe is one of the few sustainable approaches to losing and maintaining weight. It encourages healthy eating habits and you don't have to completely give up starchy carbs, you just have to select carefully amongst low-lowish GI carbs and select with what you eat them. He also makes suggestions for eating out, how to compensate for when you cannot follow the method strictly etc. a much more realistic approach. I would recommend the method and therefore you need to read the book regardless of its rating.

eBook Eat Yourself Slim

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